Blade:  5.25” x  .25” Crucible CPM-3V Steel

Semi-stainless steel that is extremely tough with excellent wear resistance. Simply put 3V blades are nearly impossible to break and stay sharp much longer than other comparable steels. The blade is hand ground with medium distal taper full flat grind. The clip has a faux bevel to increase tip piercing capability while maintaining a healthy amount of steel for tip strength. A flipper deployed blade design that allows for better muscle memory control on rapid deployment and positive engagement even with the use of gloves.


Handles:  .190” Grade 5 Titanium Ti6Al4V

Ti6Al4V is commonly used in the aerospace industry because it is significantly stronger than commercially pure titanium while having the same stiffness and thermal properties.  When used as a locking mechanism Ti6Al4V reduces weight and adds abrasion resistance that keeps lock geometry in tolerance under hard use.


Pocket Clip:  .25” Grade 5 Titanium Ti6Al4V

Heavy duty pocket clip will withstand shearing forces of daily use. Oriented in a tip up configuration to aid in the use of flipper pad upon drawing the knife from the pocket.


Pivot: Micro Roller Bearing Pivot

Eight captured roller bearings made from hardened 52100 steel allow the heavy duty blade to be deployed friction free. Typical nylon washer systems must trade a tight pivot for blade action smoothness. The roller bearing system achieves the strongest pivot with the fastest blade deployment.


.25” Thumb Stud/ Stop Pin

Made from hardened stainless steel, this oversized pin insures a bank vault lock up that will not fail under stress.


.290” Tri-barrel Stand Offs

Made from hardened stainless steel, these oversized stand offs insure a centered blade and strong construction.


Steel Detent Ball

Extra-large 3/32” detent ball is set deep into the blade to hold the massive blade closed and snapped into place.



Open- 12.6”

Closed- 7.3”

Blade- 5.25”


ALL TiTAN knives have been sold

Version 2.0 will start in March 2013